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LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service
Call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537. LiceDoctors is the company to trust;... United States
Learn Self Defense And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life (Coventry, RI)
Learn self defense and get in the best shape of... Coventry, RI

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2014 8:15 PM

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How many of you are ready to lose some inches? Or maybe lost lots of inches? Or maybe your in the health and wellness industry and want products that are backed by Doctors for you clients? If yes to to any or all of the questions above we need to talk. This takes the guess work out of what your eating. Can I eat this? Should I eat this? How many carbs, protein, fat, fiber etc. No thinking has to be done with this plan. I am CEO owner of Atlanta Permanent Cosmetics we recommend this to all our clients wanting to slim down for an event or someone wanting to win a swimsuit competition. Please give me call or text and we can schedule a good time to talk! You can be a individual or a business owner! Serious people only wanting to make themselves healthy and help the world get healthy.

Atlanta Cosmetics
404 538 0101

Holcomb Bridge at Holcomb Bridge, 30022    google map | yahoo map

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Posted: Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:30 PM

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what if something happened tomorrow and the electricity simply went off ? What would that mean for the average person who hasn't made any provision to help his or her family survive either short or long term. I can tell you it would be devastating to that person or family. The electricity going off long term may sound a little far fetched to some, but the truth be told it wouldn't take much to make it happen. Our star ( the sun ) at any time could produce a geomagnetic storm capable of destroying enough of our power grids 2'100 high voltage transformers to shut down the entire power grid and not for just a few weeks, but for years. Another scenario could be a terror attic on the power grid using a small nuclear device which would produce a EMP or ( electro magnetic pulse ) and would cause a cascading failure of the power grid that could take many years to recover from.

Start planning today for any emergency, natural or man made!

Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 6:17 PM

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New Packages!
A Free Natal or Numerology Report with your paid ($40)Half Hour Psychic Channeled Reading with Evanne and Ish.
A Free Full Year Astrology Forecast or Comprehensive Astrological Compatability Report with a paid ($80)One Hour Psychic Channeled Reading with Evanne and Ish.
Please call Evanne at 925-288-9046 to schedule your appointment. To learn more about Evanne please visit our website at
A Free Natal or Numerology Report with your paid ($40)Half Hour Tarot Reading with Rev.Phoenix Moonhawk
A Free Full Year Astrology Forecast or Comprehensive Astrological Compatability Report with your paid ($80) One Hour Tarot Reading with Rev,Phoenix Moonhawk
Please call Rev. Phoenix(Linda) at 925-432-8020 to schedule your appointment.
To learn more about Rev.Phoenix please visit our website at
My name is Evanne Jordan. I have been teaching and practicing psychic work for over 23 years. I began my journey under the guidance of Sanaya Roman, author of "Opening to Channel". It was through this experience that I opened up to my guide "Ish" and became an accomplished psychic channeler. I have taught many others how to work with their own spirit guides in my psychic awareness seminars. Over the years, as I continued to explore my psychic ability, I dis that I could contact and speak to deceased souls. I have used this ability to create connections between this world and the beyond, both for myself and for my clients. I have many other psychic abilities including inner child work, dream analysis, past life readings, aura readings, and soul portrait readings.
Testimonial: Evanne is amazingly tuned in and talented. What was especially interesting and helpful was our ability to interact with one another during my reading. At all times I felt she was both in tune with me and with her guides and with the spirits of those we were contacting. In addition, her accuracy of information is amazing – truly astounding! I felt so connected with departed loved ones whose personalities as I had known them came through in authentic ways. I also gained great insights and valuable information about my relationships – both with those alive and not incarnate – who are or have been close to me. And, I feel that I have been given useful tools for utilizing my own psychic abilities, permission to use those tools with more awareness, and a certain resultant “grounding” that causes me to listen to my inner wisdom and tune into my own spirit guide(s). Katherine L.

Rev.Phoenix Moonhawk -Tarot Reader Reverend Phoenix Moonhawk is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. She has been reading Tarot cards since she was a r. Rev.Phoenix was instructed in the spiritual arts by her mother and has over 30 years of experience. Rev.Phoenix’s mother was born with a “veil” over her face which is a sign that one is gifted with psychic insight. She grew up on a farm in upstate New York. When she was quite , a band of gypsies asked to camp on her family’s property. The gypsies immediately saw the potential in Rev.Phoenix’s mother. They took her under their wing and taught her Tarot, Palmistry, how to read tea leaves, and much more. She in turn passed these skills and talents on to Rev.Phoenix. We invite you to let Reverend Phoenix Moonhawk share her psychic gifts with you! Please call Rev.Phoenix (also known as Linda) at 925-432-8020 to schedule your Tarot reading.
Evanne and Rev.Phoenix are available for private readings, in-person, by phone or by email. Please call Evanne at 925-288-9046 to schedule your Psychic Channeled Reading. Please call Rev.Phoenix (Linda) at 925-432-8020 to schedule your Tarot reading.
Visit Evanne's websites at:
Are you interested in having a Psychic Party? Are you planning a private, business, or corporate event? Psychic Party Packages include a combined Tarot and Psychic Channeled Reading by myself and Reverend Phoenix, an accomplished Tarot Reader and Psychic Channel. Hosts/Hostesses of events receive a free hour psychic channeled reading and a free three question tarot reading. Please call Evanne at 925-288-9046 for more information. Don't forget to inquire about our discounts and special rates. We will work with you to make your special event a success!
Channeling Classes are Forming Now! We will create a class for you and your study group or friends that fits your schedule. Private and Semi-private classes also available. Call Evanne to check on ongoing/new classes. Evanne believes that everyone is capable of using their own psychic power. It is for this reason that she asks you to "Create your own light, and create your own life!
Give the Gift of Insight and Light~ Gift Certificates for Psychic Channeled Readings for Friends and Family! You receive $5 off a hour reading or $10 off an hour reading for each gift certificate you purchase. Please call Evanne at 925-288-9046 to purchase your gift certificate. We can send them by snail mail or email! Location: worldwide

Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 10:02 AM

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Active drug addicts often live for the moment. In an attempt to hide themselves from pressures and pain they escape into addiction, and soon become a prisoner. Apart from the pain the active addict causes others, their actions while in the grips of drug addiction results in feelings of shame and downward re-enforcing feelings of hopelessness. Mountainside Drug Addiction Treatment Center does not classify the drug addict as weak willed, but someone who has the inner strength necessary for change. Our compassionate and therapeutic approach treats every person with dignity and respect as we try to unlock their innate ability to heal and strengthen themselves. With our innovative and affordable drug rehab program, many have been encouraged to see beyond today and to cherish life enough to want to see tomorrow. If you are a drug addict looking for help, but do not know where to turn, please come to us. We wait 24 hrs each day on our toll free number at 1-800-762-5433 for people like yourself looking for help. Visit our website at or click our Drug Rehab in Connecticut link for further details about our program.

187 South Canaan Road, Route 7, 06018    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , Canaan

Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 8:50 AM

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Many people have a hard time learning how to use metered dose inhalers correctly. Quite often, too much of asthma medicine ends up in the mouth and throat instead of passing into the lung's small airways where it is most needed to control the asthma symptoms. The result can be poor control of asthma, as well as side effects from getting the wrong dose of medicine, like sore throat, dry mouth, bad taste etc. A spacer device is a large plastic container, usually in two halves that click together. At one end is a mouthpiece and at the other end is a hole for inserting the mouthpiece of an MDI.

12, Pine Top Road, 02806    google map | yahoo map

Posted: Monday, April 14, 2014 9:02 AM

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A family can act as a cushion in our lives to soften the blows and trials that we face from time to time. Unfortunately, for many drug addicts, this one reference point of comfort, has been altered because of the negative effects of active drug addiction or alcoholism. Mountainside Drug Rehab understands this dynamic and the difference that family support makes in one’s recovery.

The Mountainside Family Wellness Program is a very helpful tool in building a solid foundation for many people who come to us for treatment.

Drug addiction and alcoholism has injured and destroyed many families and Mountainside Drug Rehab believes that, to raise the chances of success, the family must also be educated, treated and healed.

For more information about our highly effective drug and alcohol rehab please visit Drug and Alcohol Rehab for more information, or call us at 1-800-762-5433.

Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2014 3:55 PM

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We pamper YOU like a KING
Soothing, Relaxing, Satisfying, Body rubs.
Relieve tension and pain, your stress will melt away.
Relax spa setting with candles,calm music
Clean, comfortable, professional table, private atmosphere.
Rejuvenating Hands by an attractive mature ebony beauty big woman.

appt only 401-426-0527

• Location: , Warwick

Posted: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 7:33 AM

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Sandalwood essential oil is best for skin as it make it glowing, smooth and it has mood enhancing properties too. We provide the purest oil that is extracted from sandalwood plant and then tested.

Uses and Benefits of Sandalwood Oil:

It treats cartilage bones and soothe lower back pain.
It cures hiccups and hiccoughs.
It treats urinary tract and best for infants skin.

For more information regarding this product visit

940 N 400 E #3 at North Salt Lake, UT, 84054    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , North Salt Lake, UT

Posted: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 6:02 AM

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* The Demand for Certified Eyebrow Threading Specialists is at an all Time High and Continues to Grow throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Brazil, Europe and the Bahamas!

* Get Certified by the #1 Spa and Salon Certification and Continuing Education Company in the United States and Advance Your Career in the Beauty Industry!

* 100% Hands On Step by Step Instruction.
* All Materials Needed for Training Workshop.
* Hand to Hand / Figure Eight Threading Technique.
* Around the Shoulder / Neck Threading Technique.
* Jaw Clinching Threading Technique.
* Speed Threading Technique.
* Khite' 100% All Natural Spa Threading Exfoliating Facial.
* Aromatherapy Spa Threading Services.
* Procedure for Threading Eyebrows/ Face / Neck/ Fingers/ Toes/ Arms/ Hands/ Top of Feet/ Legs/ Under Arms/ Nose/ Stomach/ Bikini.
* Threading Course Manual With All Techniques, Procedures and Services.
* Certificate of Completion.
* Same Day Certification.


*Visit Our Website For More Information.

REGISTER TODAY! ~ Classes are Small and Space is Limited!

* Course Provided by ACE Spa and Salon Certification and Continuing Education a Division of GG Promotions 2004 - 2014.
"21st Century Spa and Salon Certification and Continuing Education".

* Everyone is Welcome to Attend!

• Location: , Boston

Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 3:14 PM

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2244 PLAINFIELD PIKE, 02921    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , CRANSTON RI

Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 10:48 AM

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Diet Planner and Fitness Program Available at:

Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 1:49 PM

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Call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537. LiceDoctors is the company to trust; we have an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.
LiceDoctors has a track record of success at 99.9%, the highest documented and publicized rate in the lice removal service industry. We offer a full guarantee that our plan works.

LiceDoctors is owned by Wendy Beck and Karen Sokoloff—pioneers and nationally renowned experts in the lice removal industry. They are responsible for the successful treatment of over 30,000 families!

LiceDoctors is the only head lice service that operates under the guidance of a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Stephen Beck, whose copyrighted, all-natural treatment protocol has been used successfully for over 18 years.

LiceDoctors is the one of the few companies in the lice treatment field to be certified by the Better Business Bureau.

LiceDoctors offers the convenience and privacy of at-home service—7 days a week—day or night. At-home service also allows you maximum flexibility and convenience as when one child is finished being checked, she can return to her at-home activities—no need to wait for little sister to be treated. LiceDoctors takes away your stress and makes your lice treatment experience as pleasant as possible. All technicians undergo rigorous training and have nitpicking experience.
LiceDoctors is cost efficient and we check the family as a unit. LiceDoctors accepts major credit cards and Flex Spending Account credit cards.

LiceDoctors offers a unique combination: the expertise and resources of a national lice removal services combined with the accessibility and personal touch of a local business. We will eradicate your head lice problem today; we guarantee it!
Call 800.224.2537 for more information or visit our lice removal service locations page to learn more at

• Location: , United States

Posted: Monday, March 31, 2014 5:34 AM

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Make your life stress free and happening with doTERRA pasttense. This oil is a blend of various essential oils like wintergreen, frankincense, basil, peppermint, marjoram, rosemary, lavender, roman chamomile and cilantro. Get this organic oil to eradicate all discomforts from your life.

Benefits of Using Pasttense:

It cures headache problem in no time.
It treats migraine problem.
This oil reduces your stress and treats tension headache.

For more information regarding this product visit

940 N 400 E #3 at North Salt Lake, UT, 84054    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , North Salt Lake, UT

Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2014 3:46 AM

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doTERRA Oregano is an oil that work as a cleansing agent while supporting respiratory and digestive system. This herbal oil is used for treating mental disabilities and has therapeutic benefits.

Oregano Oil Uses and Benefits:

It is useful in treating whooping coughs.
This oil supports Immune System.
It soothe bones and muscle ache.

For more information regarding this oil visit

940 N 400 E #3 at North Salt Lake, 84054    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , North Salt Lake, UT

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2014 1:59 PM

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If you would you like to get paid for shedding those unwanted pounds, then click on the link below and watch the short video on how the IsaBody Challenge can pay you big time to lose weight. Also watch the “A Doctor’s Story” video to see why this works so successfully.

Reference 4700-5

• Location: , USA

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2014 5:02 AM

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Learn self defense and get in the best shape of your life with our Rhode Island Kickboxing classes

"AMAZING SUPPORTIVE INSTRUCTORS" has such amazing supportive instructors. They really take the time to guide you through every move while keeping class exciting and fun.


This program is a ton of fun and gets you in amazing shape. Every class is new and exciting, and after a few short weeks I lost three inches of my waist.

TRY 3 CLASSES NOW FOR JUST $19.99............AND GET A FREE PAIR OF GLOVES (a $45 Value)

Just call 401-822-2211 now or visit

760 Tiogue Ave, 02816    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , Coventry, RI

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2014 12:13 AM

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STOP sending YOUR clilents away to buy hair from some one else!!!

Send your clients to your own website!

MAKE MONEY off the sell of the hair AND MAKE MONEY off the service!

100% pure Virgin Remy up to 40"!!!!!!!

Take this simple example:

3 16 inch 4.5 oz bundles per head @$85 each
Each client is spending $255 on hair alone!

1 Client will spend $255 on hair ALONE!
You do 3 sew-ins a day that’s $765 day spent on hair (3 x $255= $765)
If you do 15 sew-in’s a month, your clients are spending $11,475 a month
(Non of which you are not making any cut of...)

Based on 15 sew- ins a month, you would commission $2,295!!!
Just off the hair alone!!

Let's partner together and make some money!!!

Go to The Best Hair EVER! The Best Hair AROUND!

to find out more info

Let me, "show you how to do this, hun..." -JayZ

Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 9:36 PM

Are you ready to get in shape for summer?

Did you know that 80% of weight loss is based on nutrition, 20% on exercise. The body by vi 90 day challenge can provide you with the nutrition your body needs to shed those pounds that may be stopping you from engaging in certain activities or feeling good in your body.

We offer a meal replacement shake that over 100 million shakes have been served and millions of pounds lost.
New product launch, transformational protein super cereal. Your shake in a flake. Add a crunch combo pack to your challenge kit!! More information at

Not only have I lost weight on the challenge but I have gained back my energy from the nutrients in the shake and feel better in my body.

I want you to have that feeling!! I am committed to helping you with your goals..

Please watch this 5 minute video on my website to see why I'm so excited to share this.
Click Join the Challenge to start your 90 Day Challenge today!

90 Day Results Money Back Guarantee. Three for free program, over 150,000 new people joining every month, that's over 5000 per day!!

Posted: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 8:29 AM

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Combivent Respimat is a hand held, pocket sized oral inhalation device that uses mechanical energy to generate a slow moving aerosol cloud of medication from a drug solution. The Combivent Respimat inhaler has an orange-colored cap. A Respimat cartridge contains 120 puffs (equal to 120 doses of medicine) after you prepare your inhaler for the first use.

Barrington, RI, 02806    google map | yahoo map

• Location: , Rhode Island

Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 1:18 PM

Top-Notch Travel/Per Diem Registry is seeking qualified RN's!
>High Paying Travel/Per Diem Assignments with great perks!
>Click on link: to be considered for Travel or Per Diem assignment in your area....
>Nurse Benefits:
>• Daily Pay • Direct Pay
>• Highest Take Home • 8 & 12 Hour Shifts
>• 24/7 access • Per Diem Pay to offset expenses
>• Nationwide Opportunities • Healthcare Stipend
>• Great Tax Benefits • Healthcare Facilities with the Most Advanced Technology
>Seeking the following specialties: ER, ICU, L&D, PACU, OR, NICU, PEDI AND M/S
>Minimum requirements;
>12 month of Acute-care experience within the last 24 months
>Certificates/License: State RN license, ACLS, BLS/CPR
>Good Performance References...
>Click on this link: to be considered for either Travel or Per Diem assignment in your area....Top Registry in the industry!!

Please give me a call today to further discuss the Travel Opportunity @ (800) 998-7967!!

Status: Full-time
Shift: Days, Nights, Weekends

• Location: , Nationwide

Mountainside - A Solution For Broken Families
A family can act as a cushion in our lives...
Online Health Coach
How many of you are ready to lose some inches?... any
Psychic Counselor /Tarot Master 30 Yrs Exp.Free Astrology Reading with Paid Psychic Reading
New Packages! A Free Natal or Numerology Report with your...
What Does Drug Addiction Mean To You?
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